Traction ‘Raptor’ will move you at the Tate Modern

Turbine Hall 02 | October | 2018 – 24 February 2019

A Traction Sound ‘Raptor’ 30-subwoofer bass-array features in the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern to transmit the sonic element of a multi-sensory exhibit. Specified and installed by Brighton Sound System, Raptor faithfully reproduces the demanding source material as the artist intended 8 hours a day, every day for a 5-month period.

Inspired by the global immigration crisis, acclaimed Cuban artist and activist, Tania Bruguera provokes a moving, emotional response from visitors through the various aural, visual, atmospheric and touch interactions.

In collaboration with the artist, Steve Goodman, founder of the Hyperdub label and influential producer / DJ (AKA Kode9) provides the sound-track.

Jonny Goodwillie of Brighton Sound System explains, “When we were originally approached by the Tate Modern to assist with sound testing in the Turbine Hall, we had no hesitation in using our Traction Raptor subs to conduct trials. We were fully confident that a combination of Raptor 221 and 218 subs would enable us to replicate the sound design that Steve Goodman and Tania Bruguera wanted to use. The narrow but immensely powerful range of the Raptor 221 filled the vast space with ultra low tones, whilst Raptor 218 allowed for the tonal sweeps up to 100hz. The combination of the two boxes allows for seamless replication of the works. Immediately we entered the hall we also realised that the design of the subs fitted perfectly to the architecture of the building, as if the array became an integral part of it.”

The Raptor bass-array is driven by TRACTION | ENGINE Amplifiers based on Full Fat Audio 10,000 series and TRACTION | CONTROL Processing featuring NST Audio technology.