Traction Sound & Spybar

Demo of the Traction Raptor prototype system May 2018

Spybar features products and technology from all 3 Traction speaker series (Hawk, Harrier, Raptor)

The warm, high fidelity sound of Traction Hawk series greets you as you enter Spybar. As you move further into the venue, 2 stereo lines of Traction’s Harrier series builds the volume with consistent voicing. Hawk 8’s also feature as rear fill’s behind the Raptor stacks.

The Harrier speakers featured in Spybar were custom developed in landscape format for minimal intrusion and visual distraction. Harrier’s are crossed over at a low 60Hz to maintain the all-important mid-bass kick throughout the venue. All Hawk and Harrier speakers are accurately delayed to perfectly integrate with Raptor, keeping the audience attention on the artist. From the entrance to the center of the dancefloor, the audience experience is seamless as the intensity builds towards the booth.

As you approach the dance floor and face the booth, the 5-way Raptor system delivers the ultimate sonic experience! Traction’s 5-way Raptor system effortlessly reproduces the most challenging music material from 26Hz to 20kHz. Ultra-Low distortion means the audience hears more music without the fatigue that sets in with most front of house sound systems.

The Booth

The Spybar booth features the latest development in Harrier technology, utilising the same AMT High Frequency technology as Raptor. This means the artist is hearing what the audience is hearing.  A pair of self-powered Harrier ONE’s operate from 80Hz to 20kHz, whilst a Hawk Dub 12 subwoofer delivers bass down to 40Hz right at the artist’s feet.

Harrier ONE Self-Powered speakers feature state of-the-art Traction Control processing with a studio spec sample rate of 96kHz / 24bit. A class-leading latency of only 1.3milliseconds provides extremely close synchronisation with headphone monitoring, preventing the gallop experienced with typical monitoring systems.

Every parameter of Harrier ONE’s capabilities can be accessed and optimised via laptop or router / Wi-Fi with a dedicated iPad app.

Key Features of the Traction / Spybar sound system

  • Capable of 125db in the centre of the dance floor with ultra-low distortion
  • Fidelity and musicality maintained at all volume levels
  • Stereo maintained from the booth to the back of the venue with focus on the booth to draw attention forwards and prevent sound sources interfering with each other
  • Consistent voicing and tonality throughout the venue
  • Less than half of the amps and speakers of the previous sound system
  • Huge reduction in power consumption over the previous sound system
  • Bar staff now come home without their ears ringing!

Traction Kit list @ Spybar


  • 4 x Raptor 612AMT
  • 4 x Raptor 218
  • 2 x Raptor 221
  • 4 x Harrier Custom
  • 4 x Hawk 8


  • 2 x Traction Engine 2|3000
  • 2 x Traction Engine 4|2000
  • 3 x Traction Engine 4|1100i


  • 3 x Traction Control


  • 2 x Harrier ONE-SP
  • 1 x Hawk Dub 12