Design & Manufacturing

A musical design approach

At Traction Sound we are committed to:

  • Demonstrating genuine innovation through aesthetic, acoustic and total-system design
  • Making great sound accessible to a wider audience

The world doesn’t need another pro-audio brand, but it could do with some fresh thinking! Traction Sound develops sound systems with end-users in mind. By end-users we mean the audience.

Audio systems designed for professional use typically sound harsh and fatiguing. This is often down to the industry-wide adoption of compression drivers to transmit high frequencies. Compression drivers have certain advantages such as high efficiency and SPL (Sound Pressure Level) but this is at the expense of fidelity and musicality.

In preference to compression drivers, Traction Sound has developed proprietary high frequency horns, employing multiple soft dome tweeters or single AMT (Air Motion Transducer) drivers. This translates to a sound balance you would expect from high-end end home audio or studio monitoring solutions.

Material & Component Selection

We work with a small number of carefully chosen suppliers. Then smart design allows us to choose the fewest components to use across our products. This simplified sourcing strategy allows us to stock deep and reduce lead times.

We only source wood from certified sustainable and legal sources. Our paint provides the right level of protection with the lowest possible environmental impact.

We prefer to work with natural or recycled materials wherever possible. Our high-frequency horns are milled from solid wood, providing a sonic warmth, which is a key characteristic of Traction Sound.

We Don't Sell Speakers!

We only offer complete solutions made possible by working closely with the world’s leading pro-audio technology providers including Powersoft, Full Fat Audio and NST Audio.

Traction Control provides a highly intuitive and powerful control interface, which can be accessed from a laptop or dedicated iPad app. Traction Control features fully optimized DSP presets for all of our loudspeakers including numerous system combinations.

Quality Control & Warranty

Traction Sound has a 100% QC Policy using industry standard equipment. This includes all incoming components as well as finished products.

Traction Sound passive speakers are covered by a 5-year limited warranty.

Traction Sound self-powered speakers and rack mounted electronics are covered by a 2 year limited warranty.

Traction Sound is a brand owned by Scicoustic Ltd, a UK company with a USA subsidiary Scicoustic LLC.